About ABA Unlimited

ABA Unlimited® (or “ABAU”) is a behavioral health and continuing education service offering live and online professional educational seminars in behavioral health and applied behavior analysis.  ABAU is a Type 2 Authorized Continuing Education (“ACE”) provider through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.
ABAU provides applied behavior analysis consulting and treatment services, as well as continuing education units in behavior-analytic practice, science, methodology and theory for professional behavior analysts.  ABAU’s continuing education programs exceed the knowledge, skills and abilities required to become BACB certified.
ABAU offers continuing education credits for both individuals and groups.  Whether you’re registering for yourself, or sending employees through courses en masse, our live and online course system will be the right fit.

ABA Unlimited Instructors

Featured Instructor

Dr. Tu is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with a doctorate in educational psychology from West Virginia University, specializing in applied behavior analysis.  She has over twenty years’ experience providing one-on-one ABA services, training, workshops and supervision for professionals treating populations with autism and other developmental disabilities in the U.S. and abroad.

Dr. Joyce Tu

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ABA Unlimited instructors are industry-leading experts who you’ve likely heard of and need no introduction.

As part of ABA Unlimited’s commitment to disseminating the science of behavior analysis, we have selected the best in our field.  Some courses are in traditional powerpoint format, while others will be recorded “on location,” showcasing how behavior analysts do applied work and research.  Either way, you can expect each course to be concise, on topic and informative.


Dr. Caio Miguel


Dr. Ellie Kazemi


Dr. Julie Vargas